Some interesting World Records

Arranging A Deck Of Cards – Fastest Time
Kunihiko Terada (Japan) arranged a shuffled deck of cards in order (Ace through Ten, Jack, Queen, King for Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts and Spades), in his hands only, in 40.36 sec at the Hard Rock Cafe, Tokyo, Japan on January 25, 2004.

Most Cards Memorized
British mindbender Dominic O’Brien memorized on a single sighting a random sequence of 54 separate packs of cards all shuffled together (2,808 playing cards) at the basement bar of Simpson’s-In-The-Strand, London, UK, on May 1, 2002.

It took Dominic 11 hours 42 minutes to memorize the 54 packs, and reciting them in the exact sequence took 3 hours 30 minutes. Guinness World Record rules allow only 0.5% margin of error (so no more than 14 errors), and memory-man Dominic completed the record with just eight errors – four mistakes and four prompted corrections.

Most Escapes From Handcuffs
Since 1954, England’s Nick Janson, a professional escapologist from Benfleet, Essex, has escaped from 1,680 pairs of handcuffs securely locked on his wrists by genuine police officers.

Highest Jump by an Insect
The highest recorded jump by an insect is 70 cm (28 in) by the froghopper (Philaenus spumarius). When it jumps, the insect accelerates at 13,000 ft (4,000 m) per second and overcomes a G-force of more than 414 times its own body weight.

Loudest Insect
The loudest insect is the African cicada (Brevisana brevis) that produces a calling song with a mean sound pressure level of 106.7 decibels at a distance of 50 cm (19.6 in). Cicada songs play a vital role in communication and reproduction. A male cicada produces loud buzzing or shrilling sounds by vibrating drum-like membranes near the base of the abdomen. The African cicada creates the most intense sound of all the 1,500 different species on the planet. Males of each genus have three very different calling songs – a congregational sound responding to daily weather fluctuations and the songs of other males, a courtship song to attract a mate (giving larger males a competitive advantage in sexual selection), and a disturbance squawk used when threatened.

Most Mosquitoes Killed
The most mosquitoes killed in five minutes is 21, by Henri Pellonpää at the 1995 World Mosquito Killing Championship, in Pelkosenniemi, Finland.

Longest hair
The world’s longest documented hair belongs to Xie Qiuping (China) at 5.627 m (18 ft 5.54 in) when measured on 8 May 2004. She has been growing her hair since 1973 from the age of 13.

Tallest Tribe
The tallest major tribe in the world is the Tutsi (also known as the Watussi) tribe of Rwanda and Burundi, Central Africa, whose young adult males average 1.83 m (6 ft). The Tutsi are found mainly in Rwanda and Burundi.


3 Responses

  1. World Mosquito Killing Championship? In Finland?
    Amazing! Ek dink ek sal daai huidige kampioen ‘n goeie ‘go’ kan gee.

  2. Hehe! mense is ‘weird’ en ‘interesting’ goeters!

    Interessante post!


  3. Sonkind
    Kom Saterdagmiddag by die huis. Verras om ons seun hier te kry. Dog hy het bietjie vir sy ma en pa kom kuier en gesinsbande kom verstewig. Moenie glo nie – hier om “channel-hopping” te doen tussen idols en survivor. Ek moes veg om net ‘n klein bietjie rugby te kyk. Ek verstaan hierdie ding nie. Ons “blog” weer… dalk ‘n ander stukkie realiteits-ervaring.
    Groete. Hoop die son skyn vandag oor jou.

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