The Apocalypse

Ek het hierdie nie self geskryf nie; het dit ‘n ruk terug iewers raak gelees en neergeskryf (Erkenning aan die skrywer, wie hy / sy ook al mag wees).

Nou is 16 Junie om die draai en die doemprofete is ook met ons. Is more die einde of die begin van die einde? Ek weet nie en ek wil ook nie weet nie. Besluit maar self. (En moenie die skrywe te ernstig opvat nie!)

The Apocalypse

“Basically humankind is up oxpiss creek without a paddle, being raped by a pack of rabid wolves. In fact, the 7 o’clock news makes apocalyptic literature seem as fear inducing as the My Little Pony sticker book.

On a cold morning in mid-June, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse arrived to lay waste to the planet and, to their irritation, found that mankind had started without them.

They were going to dish out tsunamis and hurricanes, but man had already found a way to molest mother nature so that she spasmed and convulsed.

They were going to unleash deadly viruses, but man had built laboratories, engineered diseases and sprayed them on himself.

They were going to cause famines, but man had already given all the food to the rich so that while some starved, others gorged themselves to death. (“Damn. Wish we’d thought of that,” whispered one horseman to another under his fiery breath.)

They were going to herald the arrival of the anti-Christ, but there were already thousands of people twice as bad as him roaming the planet.

So they went home, feeling more than a little insecure.

The end times have come and gone. We are now in hell, stuck on a planet with six billion of the most ferocious creatures ever conceived. Wherever we go, there we are. (As an experiment to prove this point, try going somewhere, maybe the shop or the post office. Have a look around. Exactly!)

To be honest it’s a lot better than the common idea of hell – no fiery worms burrowing through our eye sockets and such – but in one distinct way it is worse.

Religion still offers a ticket out of here (to heaven, nirvana, Valhalla or whatever you want to call it), and people will do anything to get to the front of the queue. Not only are people setting themselves up for a disappointment of cosmic proportions, they’re raping, pillaging, bombing, slandering and killing each other while they wait.

Religion (being distinct from God or the gods) has caused / justified / juiced up more wars than any other single thing; it has suppported the oppression of women, the oppression of races, the oppression of nations and it has wasted trillions of weekends across the globe.”


One Response

  1. Whoever hierdie experience deurgemaak het, moes ‘n wonderlike ervaring gehad het. Ja, en toe het 16 Junie gekom en gegaan en . . . wat? Niks.

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